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WE ARE ALL ABOUT FLAVORS!! We make everything from scratch using top quality wholesome ingredients.

We do all of our purchasing locally from small businesses like our selfs.


Please ask for our weekly specials from our salads to our old family recipes.

We make weekly special hummus flavors.

Original Mild Hummus (VEGAN)

This silky smooth and nutty flavor of Hummus has been in my family for ages, not over powered by the strong flavor of fresh garlic where it takes the nuttiness of the Garbanzo bean and the Tahini sauce. After all Hummus is all about the Garbanzo bean and the tahini not the fresh garlic. To taste what Hummus is really supposed to taste like you must try this smooth nutty Hummus and enjoy the delightful flavors of the main ingredients, Chickpea and Tahini.  Served with Pita Bread. 



Sun dried Tomato Hummus (VEGAN)

The smooth  flavors of our silky Hummus and the tangy flavor of the sun dried tomato is a real treat for your taste palate. The mixture of the two took long and it was a time consuming effort to get the right consistency to make it just right where you taste the tomato and then the silkiness of the hummus.  Served with Pita Bread. 


Roasted Red Pepper Hummus (VEGAN)

Roasted red peppers that distinct and our silky smooth original hummus is a marriage made in heaven no wonder it’s our number one selling flavor it’s  sweet, tangy and silky Hummus. topped with extra virgin olive oil.  Served with Pita Bread. 


Roasted Garlic Hummus (VEGAN)

Garlic that has been Roasted in the oven till it melts like butter and our smooth silky Hummus make a perfect combination with any meal. Served with Pita Bread. 


Emtabal “Baba Ghanouj” (VEGAN)

First it starts with a fresh eggplant that is simply roasted on the fire to get the flavor of that smokiness. This recipe of charred eggplant, tahini sauce, and other all natural seasonings is full of flavor and it has been past down through my family for many many years for It’s perfect smoky flavor. Served with Pita Bread. 


Hummus Falafel Panini (VEGAN)

This healthy pita wrap is loaded with our all natural hummus, “BAKED” NOT FRIED  falafel, and a mix of organic greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, black olives and our own mixture of olive oil herbs and Middle Eastern seasonings. It’s delightfully filling healthy treat.  


The Authentic Falafel Panini Sandwich (VEGAN)

This pita wrap of our popular all natural baked falafel is a treat that will satisfy your appetite. Loaded with baked falafel, two kinds of home made pickles, lettuce, tomatoes, parsley mix, tahini sauce and Middle Eastern seasonings. Want it spicy? Ask


Tabouleh Salad – (VEGAN). Made fresh for each order

Refreshing, super healthy, salad mixture that is made with hand picked and chopped parsley, tomatoes, and scallions mixed with crushed wheat “Bulgur”. Seasoned and marinated with lemon and extra virgin olive oil.


Artichoke Salad (VEGAN)

Artichokes Hearts that were carved out from it’s natural flower and cooked with Onions and Carrots in lemon and olive oil. This old family dish is packed with flavor and it’s super healthy.  “Usually two or three hearts depending on size and weight” 


Fattoush Salad (VEGAN) Made fresh for each order                                                                                                                                                                                                              This Mediterranean refreshing salad of romaine lettuce, red onions, cucumbers, parsley, and tomatoes mixed with our own family vinaigrette recipe loaded with Middle Eastern seasonings and our home made baked pita chips, it’s refreshing and packed with flavor.  Add: Feta Cheese-$1.57 ( Vegetarian),  Pitted Kalamata Olives-$1.57, Grilled Chicken $2.57, Crumbled Falafel $1.97


FOOL. Fava Beans Salad (VEGAN) Made fresh for each order

An old Damascus dish made with Fava beans, hand picked and chopped Parsley, tomatoes and onions, topped with olive oil and lemon juice. A very healthy salad that is loaded with protein, Delicious Salad that goes with any dish/sandwich.  Add Tahini sauce for a nuttier flavor-$1.57 Extra


Seven Grains Spinach Pie (VEGAN)

The best spinach pie I’ve ever tasted customers say!! That’s because we use nothing but 100% Fresh spinach , Fresh chopped onions, Fresh pomegranate and walnuts, seasoned and marinated in Fresh lemon Extra Virgin olive oil. The hearty seven grains dough is hand made to wrap and bake to a medium crisp all these healthy ingredients make our spinach pie stand above the rest.


Meat Pie

Top choice ground beef seasoned and blended with diced tomatoes, and chopped onions. Hand wrapped in delicate dough and baked to perfection . 



A mixture of Middle Eastern cheeses and parsley seasoned and hand wrapped in our seven grains dough and baked.


Baked Kibbee / VEGAN Baked Kibbee

These two layers of Bulger mixed in extra fine ground Beef are stuffed in a mixture of ground Beef, chopped onions, Pine nuts and our own recipe of seasonings and baked to perfection then topped with Tahini sauce. “Vegan Kibbee is stuffed with Spinach, Onions, Pomegranate and Walnuts“.  Tabouleh makes an excellent side to this dish.



Yabrah “Rolled Grape Leaves” (VEGAN)

It’s one of the most popular Middle Eastern delicacies but this one is been in my family for as long as I can remember grandma making them. A special blend of rice Garbanzo beans and vegetables rolled by hand one at a time, seasoned with special blend of seasonings and cooked to perfection. Our customers best compliments come to the item that stands among the best in flavor. 


Sejok Panini 

 I can remember eating this when I was just a child in Damascus. We use top quality Ground beef seasoned with a special family recipe of twelve different spices to bring out the flavor of Sejok, stuffed into a 10″ loaf of  Italian bread topped with Middle Eastern pickled peppers and cheese, Pressed on the panini grill until all the flavors melt together into a crispy, full of flavor panini sandwich. Add our red pepper paste to spice it up a little for $1.57


Soup (Weekly Specials) Seasonal 

Our soups are made from all natural ingredients with zero salt. Vegan/Vegetarian.  Ask what the soup of the day is.




We are proud to carry “BOAR’S HEAD” Brand Meats and Cheeses. We pickup our bread every morning from a family owned bakery.

Great Bread, Great Meat’s and Cheeses, Great Recipe make a great Sandwich.

We slice our Boars Head meats and cheeses per sandwich so it’s always fresh .

There is an additional charge of $1.57 for Our old family recipe of the RED PEPPER PASTE or the FRESH GARLIC SPREAD.

Feel the love in every bite!!

The Original Hero

Deluxe Ham, Turkey, Bacon, White American Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato’s, Cucumbers, Mayo, Olive oil and herbs, Salt, Pepper and Oregano. 

10″  $12.97

The Super Hero

Turkey, Ham, Genoa Salami, Provolone Cheese, Mayo, Olive oil and herbs, Banana Peppers, Oregano, Lettuce and Tomato. 

 10″  $12.97

The Chicken Cheese Steak Hero

Fresh thinly cut chicken breast chopped and seasoned with our own blend of seasonings, sautéed mushrooms, onions, red and green peppers cheese and mayo and baked in the oven till all the rich flavors melt as one.  It’s not just a cheese steak sandwich!    Add Bacon for $1.57.

10″  $12.97

The Spicy Big Boy Italian

Boars Head Ham, Pepperoni Hot Capocollo, Three Pepper Jack Cheese, Spicy Mayo, Oil Vinegar, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Banana Peppers, Red Onions and our own blend of spiced Garlic seasonings.  It’s a must try for all that like bold robust flavors. 

10″  $13.97

The B.L.T.C

EIGHT THAT’S RIGHT EIGHT STRIPS of the awesome Boars head Bacon, Cheese, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Mayo, our own seasoning, Olive Oil, and a secret sauce that brings this sandwich to a different level. All on Toasted 7 grains/ plain bagel. It’s a delicious treat and it’s been a favorite for many of our customers.


Spicy Turkey Garlic Melt

First we start by dressing the Fresh Italian Bread with our own Fresh Garlic paste and then we season it with Italian and Middle Eastern seasonings,  freshly sliced Turkey, Red Onions, Tomatoes, Banana Peppers, Cheese then MORE Cheese, and bake it till it molds together to a juicy hot sandwich that will light up you taste bud’s. 

10″ $13.97

The Beefy Piggy 

It all start with our famous award winning SEJOK ground beef that is cooked with crushed garlic and twelve different Middle Eastern seasonings, Boars Head Ham, Boars Head Bacon, Cheese,  pickles, tomatoes and our own spicy garlic mayo. It’s out of this world!!!! Customers that try this are hooked.

 10″  $13.97

The Healthy Hero

Turkey,  Swiss Cheese, Avocado, Cucumbers, Organic Mixed Greens, Tomato’s, our own Light Mayo dressing and Balsamic Glaze Served a hearty 6″  7-Grain Hero/ 10″ White Italian Hero. WARNING!! You might develop and addiction to this delicious creation.

6″ – $9.97
10″  $12.97

The Gladiator

First we cut the Boars Head Pastrami and bake it in the oven till it’s just right, Swiss Cheese, A generous amount of Boars Head spicy Deli Mustard, and our own recipe of herbs and seasonings, then bake it again till it all falls into one great tasting hero sandwich. Delicious and Mouth watering. 

10″ $12.97

The Double Piggy 

Thinly sliced Deluxe Ham, Bacon, Swiss cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, mixed organic greens and our own honey dijon mustard. The flavors blend to a heavenly tasting sandwich. Customers reaction is ” The best Ham sandwich I’ve ever had”. 

10″  $12.97


Turkey, Crispy Bacon, Avocado, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Sharp Cheddar Cheese, olive oil, Thousand Island , Italian herbs and seasoning. It’s been one of the top ordered/ favorite sandwiches since we opened the Hummus House and still going strong. 

10″  $12.97

The Big Gyro

Lamb, Beef or Chicken, cooked with our own seasoning and garlic flavor, lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, seasoned again for the perfect flavor and our own Tzatziki sauce all wrapped in our thin pita and pressed on the panini till its just perfect. It’s unlike any Gyro you have had, A must try. 

11″  $10.97

Tony’s Fave

Thinly sliced Turkey, Genoa salami, Muenster Cheese, Arugula, Tomatoes, Olive oil, our own Ranch Mayo dressing, Salt, Pepper and Oregano and not to mention our secret seasoning to finish it off. 

10″  $12.97

Garlic Chicken Panini

Chicken Breast that is chopped seasoned with our own Middle Eastern seasonings, Banana Peppers and our own home made Garlic paste that is out of this world stuffed into a 10″ Italian loaf and pressed on the panini till it’s nice and crispy. CAUTION!! strong garlic Flavor. Awesomeness !!!!!!

 10″ 11.97

Oh My Gouda

It’s stands up to it’s name “GOUDA” Six slices of smoked Gouda, Boars Head Oven Roast Turkey, bacon, Lettuce, tomatoes, Honey dijon, Our own garlic mayo, Basil and our own seasoning that make this beast of a sandwich more than a mouthful of flavors that will make you say OH MY GOUDA it’s good!!  

 10″ 14.97

The Veggie Panini ( VEGAN )

Our famous seven grain six inch hearty bread that is loaded with FLAX SEEDS, OATS etc etc seasoned and marinated with extra virgin olive oil, fresh local vegetables of the week, cucumbers, fresh tomatoes, avocado, lots of mixed organic greens and our own balsamic glaze and an olive oil. this has been a favorite for many of our customers especially  vegetarians and vegans. A must try!!

 6″ 11.97

The Arugula Salad Wrap

Fresh 13″ Pita loaded with fresh Arugula, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, black olives, grilled eggplant and sun dried tomatoes or grilled artichoke with portabella mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes,  Feta cheese, and our own lemon oil vinaigrette. Healthy eating never tasted so good.  Add grilled chicken- $2.57.

 13″ 12.97



Coffee ” we use purified revers osmosis water”

Arabic Coffee cooked to a boil with Cardamom.


                                                           Espresso Size- $2.50

Hot Tea (Specialty Flavors). “We use purified revers osmosis water”


SPINDRIFT seltzer water flavored with natural juice “0” sodium Cans. “NON GMO”

Glass bottles SPRITE or COKE. “Natural sugar”

Old fashioned Glass soda pop bottles of Root beer, Cream soda etc.  Call for available flavors.




Bottled Water 16oz.

Glass bottle San Pellegrino Sparkling Mineral Water.



Honest Ice Tea’s. Call for available flavors.




Calypso flavored lemonade with natural cane sugar in glass bottle. Old fashioned, peach, strawberry, triple melon.



Duo to the increase in market value (Especially Organics) our prices will vary accordingly.